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Welcome to our About US page.

I hope this page gives you a feel for who we are and what you may expect after having a Day Spa Treatment or taking one of our 2 or 3 day Yoga Wellness Retreats with us : ) .

About Us

mary jo halligan

Hi, My Name is Mary Jo or MJ, Mountain View Massage & Retreat is my joyous creation to express and support some of the attributes I feel very passionate about in life. My own life's journey has been one of discovering how to empower myself with great health and wellness in body-mind-spirit. Now it is my deep honour and delight to share many gems of wisdom, insight and knowledge I have picked up along my life path. These have come from years of training certificates, travel, invaluable life experiences and personal healing. I am fascinated by (our) humanity and how it works to create either balance or imbalance in our lives.

My aim is to bring together the vital ingredients to create an uplifting, fulfilling, balanced and joyous vibrant abundant life. Body-mind-spirit are all interrelated and one influences the other. So it is important to have all these working together in the same clear direction in order to experience the natural flow of health, balance, peace, abundance, confidence, security and happiness.

Mountain View Massage & Retreat is definitely my vision and heart's passion being realised. I choose my therapists and those I work with carefully to insure the best balance of services for our clients. I offer additional training for my therapists, while supporting their personal development and growing confidence while they are here. 

"Knowledge is power" and through experience we begin to discern truth from good opinions. I believe that is the greatest empowerment of all, to reconnect to our own innate wisdom, to discern our own highest truth, guidance and best action each and every day. To be able to do this, however, we must relax and come out of all the stress responses going on in daily living. These stressors have become so habitual and common place these days that they are creating havoc on our bodies with tension, aches, pains, doubt and confusion in our minds, anxiety and overwhelming emotions, and a distortion or disconnection to one's spirit or that which animates life and gives us a feeling of security and grounding in this world centred within oneself. 

The solution to all this stress, which is playing havoc in our societies, is simple but not always easy. That's why there are places like Hanmer Springs which make it easy to relax, unwind, let go of all the plans and to do lists and just have fun. While you are here, you may choose the hot pools as most people do, enjoy a walk in the forest, an exhilarating mountain bike ride, a pampering therapeutic massage, a yoga class, or a wellness retreat.

The vibe here is one of relaxation even if you just walk around the village. Many people say they can feel it once they drive over the bridge and enter into this little haven with its history of being a place of wellbeing. Hanmer Springs was known as a resting place for the Maori tribes people, with its healing therapeutic thermal water. Then we have fascinating history of the Queen Mary Hospital, which emulates the evolution of how we as humanity in the Western world have orientated to healing over the decades of the 1900's leading up to 2000+, when Hanmer Springs hot pools and Day Spa took the reins in supporting 1000's of visitors relax and feel rejuvenated again. 


In-house we have 3 hard back comment books filled with enthusiastic comments from clients after their treatments. It brings great joy to my heart to read these comments from time to time. It always reminds me why I/we love what I/we offer here.  

Some of our unique attributes is Loving Presence, skilled therapists, individual care and always deep diaphragmatic breathing. This style of breathing takes our clients out of the stress responses and into their own natural, innate healing and re-balancing journey. We as therapists are here to support your body and mind to let go of tension, relax and rejuvenate, while enjoying the Pampering & Holistic Bliss of our treatment menu. Many people report feeling like a new person after having just one treatment with us. 

Love & Magical Blessings 

Mary jo & Team

therapist at Mountain View Massage