Personal Development / Massage Training / Meditation / Breath

Take the reigns on your own empowered wellbeing by attending one of these dynamic wellness

workshops during your stay in Hanmer Springs! 

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~ Massage Basics

~ Easy Meditation techniques

~ Powerful breathing techniques to harmonise, disolving stress & regain calmness 

~ Divine Dancer - regain your natural ability to enjoy easy exhilarating energizing movement within your body

~ YOGA for YOU!

All Wellness Workshops are introduction level workshop for beginners

We also cater for the more advanced students

We are confident no matter what your experience is at

 you will discover gems of practical wisdom for everyday living

Most workshops cater to 2 persons min & 10 max

Do you wish to empower yourself with the self-confidence and techniques to give a benefiting massage to a friend or family member?

  • Massage Basics for fun - Learn to give a Back, Neck & Shoulder massage to your partner or friend. No experience required, just an enthusiastic interest in learning easily understandable massage techniques.
  • Allow us to help you grow your confidence quickly as you develop your intuitive skills & understandings. You will receive and gift a massage over the 2 hours. You will amaze yourself at how quickly you develop your skills and confidence. You can then add this to your new list of talents & impress your friends & family. 

Allow 2 hours $150 pp

  • Meditation Techniques (meditation made easy)- Learn to quiet and direct your mind quickly and easily with these techniques. It is essential to quiet the mind, and to be the director of it, to live a peaceful, harmonious and co-creative lifestyle. You will develop a greater sense of connectedness to your divine nature and inner guidance. These simple techniques will develop a habit of mindful awareness & clarity in thoughts and help making decisions. 

Allow 1hour $85 pp


  • Breathwork Therapy - Experience the power of your breath for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. When one practices deep breathing regularly, it takes the body out of the stress reactions of fight or flight mode. When the body is under stress for an extended period, it will begin to show signs of disease. Simply using diaphragmatic breathing in daily life can make all the difference; it is accessible and will empower you with your own health and wellbeing. It does not cost you anything to breath. It may seem simple but it's not always easy to remember to breath deeply, even to know how to breath correctly these days can be challenging with all the outer life distractions and incorrect habits. This short course will put you back in the driver's seat, where you will access more of your powerful breath for optimal cell oxygenation, energy take up and much much more. The power of breathing well enhances the energy and clarity required to live vibrantly. 

    Allow 1hour $95 pp


    • Divine Dancer Workshop - 1.5 hours

    Discover your Authentic Movement as you unleash your divine dancer. 

    • Do you remember a time when you danced without holding anything back? 
    • Do you remember a time when you expressed yourself effortlessly without any second guessing or doubt that it was ok to do so? 
    • Do you remember a time when you felt you had all the energy & support in the world on your side?

    In this divine dancer workshop, we invite & support you to move out of your mental mind and into your whole body as you explore it newly. Experience the limitless energy resource that you have access to when all mental brakes are taken away. This workshop will help you to discover your unique, authentic, perfect and powerful divine dancer through effortless & exhilarating movement. Discover your fabulous body in a new way & skin to feel great in. 

    At the subatomic level, we are each made up of energy and energy likes to move and be in flow, not restricted. We are each ever changing, our cells continually renewing themselves. So does it make any sense to hold back on any kind of expression in the moment? Yet this is exactly what most people have gotten so used to doing and hence the body has been forgotten about. Stiffness, aches and pain have become common place, ignored & eventually medicated for by many. 

    Flow and adaptability is a naturally feminine characteristic. Within many cultures we have learned to turn down our feminine qualities of creativity and expression. We adapted & leaned to the more masculine qualities for survival through control, repression and competition. (Not to be mistaken with Male & female qualities)

    This all worked ok in the past but not anymore. It is far more valuable in today's changing world to be adaptable and creative, nurturing and truly caring. To BE authentic in expression, speech, movement, dance, actions and deeds! This course will support you in taking your authentic expression with you everywhere you go. NO more holding back. It is time to unleash you to BE the joyous divine dancer you truly are! It is time to feel the power, flow and vibrancy of love once again in every cell of your Being. To Be of optimal wellbeing & experience the freedom we all desire deep down become a reality. 

    "As one is within, one is without"

    Allow for 1.5 hours   ~  3 people Minimum & 10 Maximum $25 - $50pp depending on numbers booked in. 



    • Yoga - Discover the joy, the ease, the strength of Mindfull Movement

    Are you ready to surrender your beliefs that yoga needs to be hard and that you are not flexible or fit enough? Let me show you just how wonderful, benefiting & easy yoga really is when you discover the right practice for you and your body's needs with this 2 hour workshop. You will take home a new confidence and enthusiasm for practicing yoga the joyful way!  

    Yoga increases body awareness, muscle tone, joint mobility and enhances a healthy confidence in all things related to health and wellbeing. Yoga is a holistic practice that will support you to attain optimal health and vibrancy, cell oxygenation, clear thinking, balanced hormonal & digestive systems. Yoga, when practiced well, is the optimal empowering choice to de-stress the body, mind & emotions. Yoga builds self-confidence and self-esteem.

    If you would like to take your own health & wellbeing into your own hands, then developing a Yoga Practice that works for you is key. 

    This course is designed especially for you, taking into account your level of health & physical ability. You will feel confident to attend other yoga classes in your area after this course with a foundational level of understanding and practice on which to build upon, if you so desire. After this course you will have plenty of knowledge and experience to practice at home and continue to get all the benefits possible. 

    1 person $120

    2 people  $70 pp

    6 People $30 pp

    8 People $25 pp




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