Wellness Retreats


 Wellness is not just our Business, it is our Passionate Joy! 

Are you looking to take time out to detox, cleanse or fast?

(click DETOX RETREATS)  (3 - 10 day Fasting Retreats -  enquiry )

Alpine Villa with outdoor spa bath.

Are you looking for a beautiful relaxing and inspirational experience?

Are you looking to unwind, destress and develop more inner calm & natural peace? 

Are you desiring to increase the level of your wellbeing dynamically?

Are you desiring to uplift your energy, motivation and passion for life again?

Are you wishing to harmonize your Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit? 

Are you looking for a relaxed, friendly and professional service?

Are you looking for an empowering, nurturing, beautiful and caring environment? 

Are you desiring some you-time away from the noise and distractions of everyday life?

Are you wondering what the heck is going on in the world these days & how to cultivate discernment in a world with so much information, stressers and distractions?

Are you in transition and looking for support in how to go about creating your new life? 

Allow us to support you to get into the high vibes, with joy & ease, where empowerment, clarity and freedom reside.

You are in the right place, we offer a range of wellness & empowerment Workshops & Retreats to suit your needs and desires. We can create a specific rewarding program that will keep you busy and entertained from morning to night, or a partial program that will offer you lots of free time to lounge, sit in our Spa Pool, get a pampering & healing massage treat, read and explore the natural beauty of Hanmer Springs. 

Pampering Wellness Detox Retreat Package

Perfect opportunity to R&R while bringing body ~ mind ~ spirit into harmony, health and balance

3 DAY ~ Detox Retreat Package 
Fully inclusive
* 2 x 1 hour Massage of your choice. Deep tissue or relaxing aroma therapy or a fusion massage (an integrated approach)
* 1x Vitality Facial and eye treatment
* 1.5 x Hot Stone Massage and reflexology or Indian Head massage
* Sea Salt Body Exfoliation to invigorate and detox the body tissue 
* Special detox wellness food plan with lots of fresh juices, superfoods and yummy vegetarian options that enhance cleansing the body
* 3 x 30min Life Enhancing Wellness Coaching Sessions to establish intentions and getting the best from the retreat
* 2 x 1hour Personnel Development session to enhance health and wellness in all areas of your empowered life creations 
* Health & Wellness DVDs, Books and conversations 
* Morning yoga & guided meditation sessions
* Herbal detox wrap (offered at an additional cost)
Non alcohol and non smoking. If you would like alcohol this will reduce the benefits of this retreat. No coffee either...! 
Investment in YOU - $1499 (With accommodation 1pp)  
Investment in YOU - $1199 (Without accommodation 1pp) 
Note: if you would like a more relaxing pampering retreat that allows for a glass or two of organic wines in the evening, know this is possible. However the benefits for the body to detox and cleanse will greatly be reduced. If detox is not a main interest to gain from the retreat experience then this is perfectly fine. 
This is one example of a retreat package. It can be altered or added to. Just let us know your preferences and main intention for your retreat experience, e.g. Pampering or detox or both??? 
We also offer 3 - 10 day Fasting Retreats Please enquire

Day Workshops or Longer Retreats

* Yoga For YOU, Meditation & much more... Yoga Wellness Retreats

* Reconnecting with YOUR Life's Purpose & joyous direction

* Detox or Fasting - feeling great in your skin again

* The hows of Vibrant Living... raising your vibe!

* Ease & Joy of living in a body, Joy of Being YOU!

* Developing Your Intuition ~ It's the natural YOU : ) 

(it will become your best & trusted new friend in these times of change)

* Massage Training course ~ Techniques & developing your intuitive massage style

Source Living

 (reconnect & remember your inner power to create your life from Source Creator, your essential signature)

* Wild Organic Abundance (delevoping a new way to create & energize your life in every way)


Source Living 3 day Empowerment & Transformational Workshop 2012

This workshop is Facilitated by Nancy Serpless and Andriana from Melbourne



Retreats can be run from one to five days.

 We offer different standards of rooms by working in collaboration with various accommodation places in Hanmer Springs close by. Something to suit all tastes and budgets. However you may prefer to organize your own accommodation elsewhere. 

We cater for groups of 1-10 people.

 Prices will reflect your specific package. 

We offer a 10% discount for group bookings in advance.

For further enquiries please click on our contact page and complete it with as much information about what kind of Wellness Retreat experience you would like to have and for how many people. 

Alternatively call  021 2802447 or 03 3157429