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YOGA ~ Wellness Retreat

Welcome to Mountain View Retreat where you are encouraged and supported to relax, destress, unwind & detox while you develop inner peace, calm, clarity, enhanced energy & balanced fitness. 

Build your Yoga Confidence and Meditation Habits in a relaxed, professional and nurturing environment that is designed to suit you. Just let us know your level of experience, interests, and what you would like to gain from your Yoga Wellness retreat time with us.  

1, 2 or 3 day retreats. Perfect for complete beginners up to the advanced.


* Topics covered in Yoga Wellness Retreats - short review

* Daily Timetable & dates for 3 day Retreat

* Daily Timetable for 1/2 & Full day day Retreat

* Testimonials from previous Retreatie's 

* Retreat Investment $$$ : ) 

* Personnel Development Topics 

* The Benefits ~ What's in it for you?

* Who is your Session Facilitator & Yoga instructor?

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Take this opportunity to book a 3 day luxury Yoga Wellness Retreat with us in Hanmer Springs. Build your Yoga confidence & practice as you gain insight, experience and understanding into the many styles of Yoga available to you today. You will benefit physically, mentally, and emotionally from this retreat as you learn tools & practices for creating a balanced, harmonious, uplifted, self-empowered, confident and peaceful life in Body~Mind~Spirt.

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Topics covered in Yoga Retreat

Yoga Practice Sessions          
  • Introduction to some of the different styles of Yoga and basic philosophy / Asana-Posture Alignments / Pranayama-Breathing techniques / Relaxation Techniques
Meditation Practice Sessions
  • Tools & Techniques to quiet the mind, calm the nervous system, and balance the emotions. Cultivate the ability to respond to life rather than react too quickly and feel regrets or overwhelmed. 
  • What is it & how to have access to more of it for vitality, peace and radiance?
Power of Perspective
  • Is the glass half full or half empty and why it matters.
Cultivating an attitude of Gratitude
  • For better health, feelings of abundance & general wellbeing.

Connecting to your peaceful core via the gateway of the Heart ~

The place where powerful & creative presence resides

  • How this empowers you, no matter what changes are taking place externally, to stay centered and respond with mindfullness. How this changes your ability to communicate more effectively and authentically, with greater clarity and fulfillment. What does this mean for you, your family, your community and the planet? 
  • What does it look & feel like to orientate from the heart and from the mind, and how can these two come into a more balanced and rewarding communication to support adapting to change and challenges effortlessly and joyously? 


Yoga Retreat Timetable & Schedule 

2 & 3 day Retreat Schedule 

( subject to changes )

  • Day 1 - 
  • Arrive from 3pm  (this will be either a Fri or a Tue depending on retreat dates booked)
  • 6.30pm - Dinner Served 
  • 7.30pm - Introductions & questions / dvd
  • 9pm      -  Short Meditation & Setting your Intentions
  • 9.30pm -  Free time & Sleeping
  • Day 2
  • 7.15am -  Lemon Drink & piece of fruit if you require some
  • 7.30pm - 9.30 am - Yoga & Meditation session 
  • 10am -  Shared Breakfast
  • 11am-12.30pm - Personal Development Session on topic of interest & exercises
  • 12.30pm - 3.30pm/4pm  Free time to lounge, relax, read or go in our Spa Bath. This is your opportunity to take a walk in the forest, visit the village center, or book in for a massage or beauty treatment at our in-house Day Spa to support your Well-Being Intentions. 
  • 1.30pm - Vegetarian Lunch (optional extra by arrangment)
  • 3.30pm-5pm - Afternoon Restorative Yoga Practice 
  • 6pm - Vegetarian Dinner
  • 7pm - Inspirational DVD 
  • 8.30pm - Circle to review the day 
  • 9pm - Meditation 
  • 9.30pm - You time
  • 10pm - Dream time
  • Day 3
  • 7.15am - Lemon Drink
  • 7.30pm - 9.30 am - Yoga & Meditation 
  • 10am -  Shared Breakfast
  • 11am-12.30pm - Personal Development Session on topic of interest & exercises
( 1pm Departure for those attending 2 day Retreat)
  • 12.30pm - 3.30pm/4pm  Free time to lounge, relax, read or go in our Spa Bath. This allows you plenty of time to take a walk in the forest, visit the village center, or book a massage or beauty treatment at our in-house Day Spa
  • 1.30pm Vegetarian Lunch (optional extra by arrangment)
  • 3.30pm-5pm ~ Afternoon movement practice or Laughter Yoga
  • 6pm - Vegetarian Dinner
  • 7pm - Free time or watch an Inspirational DVD 
  • 8.30pm - Circle to review the day 
  • 9pm - Meditation 
  • 9.30pm - You time
  • 10pm - Dream time
  • Day 4
  • 7am Rise & Shine 
  • 7.15am  -  Lemon Drink
  • 7.30pm - 9.30 am - Yoga & Meditation Practice
  • 10am  -  Shared Breakfast
  • 11am - 12.30pm - Personal Development Session on topic of interest & review
  • 12.30pm - closing circle and quick review
  • 1pm - free to depart

Groups are kept small to give plenty of individual, one on one support and instructions. Minimum of 3 and maximum of 10.

Weekend Retreats begins Friday 5pm & ends Monday 12pm

Weekday Retreats begins Tuesday 1pm & ends Friday 1pm 


1/2 day Yoga Wellness & Massage Retreat Package 7.30am-1.30pm (6 hrs)


  • 7.30pm - Arrive and complete registration form while sipping a lemon drink
  • 7.45 am - Morning Yoga flow followed by a Guided Meditation session 
  • 9.30am - 10am - Journalling exercise or take your 30 min massage 
  • 10.15am -  Shared Breakfast
  • 10.45am-12.30pm - Personal Development Session on topics of interest & guided exercises
  • 12.30pm- You have 30 Min Massage or journalling exercise
  • 1.15pm - Closing sacred circle meditation 
  • 1.30pm - Free to depart
What to bring: Please bring a water bottle that can be refilled, a nice journal that you plan to keep, and wear comfortable clothing to practice yoga. Also bring a blanket to use during relaxation after yoga as the body can cool down.

Join a 2 or 3 day retreat on the 1st day or for small groups 3pp+ you can book alternative dates

Group Maximum 8

Investment $235 pp inclusive of 3 course delicious breakfast & 30 min massage. 

Full Day Yoga Wellness & Massage Retreat Package 10am-5pm (7 hrs)

  • 9.45am - Arrive and complete a registration form
  • 10am - 12pm - Yoga for U & Meditation session 
  • 12pm - Journalling exercise or have a 30 min massage before lunch is served
  • 12.30pm -  Shared Lunch
  • 1.30pm - 3.30pm Personnel Development Session on topics of interest & guided exercises
  • 3.30pm - You have 45 min massage or journalling exercise
  • 4.10pm - Restorative Yoga & Guided Meditation
  • 4.45pm - Closing circle
  • 5pm - Free to depart or enjoy a drink and light snack
What to bring: Please bring a water bottle that can be refilled, a nice journal that you plan to keep, and wear comfortable clothing to practice yoga. Also bring a blanket to use during relaxation after yoga as the body can cool down.

Held on alternative sundays and wednesdays 

Investment $269 inclusive of Lunch & 45 min massage (minimum 2 person) 




We usually run 1 or 2 retreats per month.  

Please contact us for retreat dates available and if you would like to attend a weekend or weekday option? 

Alternatively we can organise one off group bookings on suitable dates discussed for 4+ persons.

For Sponsorship, payment plan or woofing options contact us 


Give your body & mind a chance to relax and unwind with our Day Spa treatments. 

During your stay you can enjoy the mountain views, forest walks, inspiriational books and DVDs, and outdoor spa bath, or take a trip to our local hot pools.



Youtube Video Testimonials

click below for short videos with previous retreat attendees after having completed their retreat experience. 

Yoga Retreat Testimonials 

A couple's 1st YOGA RETREAT Testimonial

2 day Yoga Retreat Testimonial

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The cost of our 3 day all inclusive Retreats is $995

Our Retreats include all this and much more;  Yoga for You (Styles- Hatha, Vinyasa, Sivananda, Restorative, Yin), Meditation (guided, healing and rejuvenating), Personal development session, Life Creation Sessions, Personal & Group Coaching, beautiful Accommodation, Vegetarian food; Pampering holistic massage with Hot Stone Therapy perfect for your body type and preferences.

Last but not least, a hot pool pass to soak away any remaining stress or concerns while integrating the transformative and self-empowering experiences of the day. Expect to leave lighthearted, clear minded, relaxed, uplifted, and inspired to create and live the life of your dreams that you deserve. 

 Accommodation can be optional. 

All meals are vegatarian. Please inform us if you have special eating requirements at the time of booking and we will do our

best to keep this in mind with meal planning.

We encourage everyone to attend all group sessions for maximun benefits and flow throughout the course. 

We encourage everyone attending to come with an open heart and a curious mind.



YOGA Retreat Investment in YOU!

Exclusive of accommodation

Accommodation is separate and priced below or you can organise your own. 

* 2 day investment $499 - $599 share room as twin or double ( priced on 2 people booking together & sharing accommodation )

Our New Retreat Location

Vibrant Living Retreat, 88 Rippingale Rd, Hanmer Springs

 Views from Retreat Lodge  retreat lodge  Luxury ensuite accommodation with Spa

When you contact us, please inform us if you would like to share with someone else attending the same Yoga Retreat or not to reduce the cost of your retreat stay or any simple preference

Tel: 03-3157429   or  021 - 2802447


Well Being - Personnel Development Topics 

(please advise us which topics are of most interest to you when you register for your retreat)

A list of Potential Course Contents from which to choose from

Yoga Practices, different styles including restorative and Laughter Yoga; How does yoga improve posture, release stress from the body, mind and emotions? How does yoga support the body to be strong, healthy, flexible & toned, the mind to be quiet and focused? What is the core essense and purpose of yoga? How has yoga evoled throughout a history of 5000yrs? Why are more women doing yoga than men when this tradition has a long lineage of male teachers and was traditional practiced by men and not many women? What are chakras and how do they effect the body?  

Uplifting & easy Meditational Practices which supports enhanced clarity & confidence while supporting ones intuitive abilities & powerful focus. What is meditation and how is  our access and understanding of it evolving ? 

Guided Exercises & Conversations that will cultivate Awareness and Mindfullness 

The distressing & detoxifying characteristics of Deep Abdominal Breathing and much more... This is one of the most simple and yet profound messages and practices I have to share because BREATHING MATTERS more than you may know. One of the core understandings to practice yoga traditionally was to  access enhanced ability to breathe and allow more energy (prana) into the body to cultivate health & knowledge. 

Powerful focused intention; experience the power of fully aligned intentions, its vibratory action and attraction. New approach to GOAL SETTING. How to down your vibe & then up your vibe in 5-10 minutes with certain thoughts and the immense effect this has on your physical body & emotions. It's an experience 1st and then it will be understood. This will demonstrate the true power of thoughts & why it is so valuable to cultivate the ones that serve you as habits of thinking. 


Journalling; an exceptionally powerful tool to get to the heart of any matter with clarity and confidence. Become your own best therapist & life coach with journalling. 


Understanding the interweaving Art, Science, Spirit "everything is energy", that which our bodies are made of under the microscope beyond the sub-atomic particles; how this connects us more than we know (check the science books).

Exploring the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind or Super Conscious Mind and which is controlling what.

Exploring the diference between living from the brain (ego personality, rational, logical, analyical, judgemental, perceives itself in separation, competitive, fearfull and mostly lives in the past or future, governed by polarity consciouness) and living from the newly expanding heart center (spiritual essence in unity consciousness, feeling the connection to all life, including the earth, and supported by all life. Having a feeling of all is well and in divine perfection in the present moment, centeredness within self, love and lightness, caring & intuition, inspiration & creativity, natural abundance, Trust & Faith. Life's challenges are seen as gifts or opportunities to cultivate higher wisdom and expansion. Peaceful presence)


Art & Power of Being as compared to The Art & Force of Doing. Whats the difference and what does it look like?

"Nothing to DO, everything to BE". A perspective shift that changes everything and allows much more time to be the things you love. After all we're human BEings not human DOings.

Authentic Fluid Movement and how it can assist you in creating your desires made manifest; involves moving the whole body effortlessly with grace, allowing the body to move you; getting out of your head (monkey mind that puts the brakes on) and into every cell of your body. Experience the joy and exhilaration of your full embodiment here on earth. Connect in a new way to your body and experience your divine nature. Uplift your vibration in the process and envision your dreams into reality. 

Expanding Consciousness; the ability to view things from an empowering and transformative perspective where problems become potential or opportunities for growth and expansion.

Techniques to release old wounds and hurts, to restore balance and harmony. To forgive and let go, allowing you to be renewed and energized in joy and happiness once again with an open heart. 


The Nature of Healing and what it takes to be your own healer and support others in their healing. 


The Benefits ~ What's in it for you?

More life force energy, vitality, passion, and juice

More joy, delight, playfulness & powerful focus

Greater awareness of, and access to, your sensuality and creativity

Radiance that will transform the atmosphere around you

Power to create and attract what you're wanting; the experience of doors opening and good things flowing to you with ease

More serenity, peace, and a feeling of being grounded

New tools for coping with tension, fear and negativity

Feeling your divine power in your body & directing it


Connection to your own divine feminine in harmony with your own divine masculine qualities

(an integration of the qualities of both for maximum benefits) not to be confused with Male & Female!


Transformation in your loving relationships with others

Heightened intuition, openness, and inner guidance

A softer, more surrendered, trusting and loving heart

A more open and flexible body, which equates to a more open and flexible mind, that adapts to change faster and more successfully with more grace, ease, clarity, trust and joy

Who is your Yoga Retreat Facilitator & Trainer?

Hi, my name is Mary Jo Halligan and Mountain View Massage & Retreat is my business, my passion and my joy. 

Before I started training in massage many years ago in the U.K., I was already a student of Yoga for many years. I took my Yoga Teacher training courses in India, the birthplace of Yoga. I feel so blessed to have had Yoga in my life's journey for all these years. I can't imagine not having it in my life and I hesitate to think what life would have been like without it. I started with very little body awareness, low self esteem, and I definitely could not touch my toes and I was only 22 yrs when I started. So today I feel more energized, vibrant, empowered and confident. I can do things physically now that I could not do as a youth, which always amazes and delights me. I joke in all seriousness that all whom do Yoga grow younger & wiser. 

It is of immense value in our society today that we create a new relationship with our bodies, our minds and spirit, which allows them to integrate as one body of consciousness that feels relaxed, confident, focused and joyful. Trust me, it simplifies every aspect of living and empowers authentic heart centered communication to be the new norm. 

It is each person's time to shine in the joy and brilliance of authentic, creative & integral living. 

In these (1, 2 or 3 day) intensive practical courses, I will offer what I have learnt from many years of Yoga Practice, numerous personal development trainings, coaching,  life experiences, research, inner reflections, meditational practices, travels and intuitive development. 

I highly recommend that you take the longer retreat options if you are wanting to go deeper into the experience, practices and knowledge shared as you cultivate your own wisdom, healing and A-Ha moments. This creates more sustainable transformation, understanding and empowerment to adapt to change and live your dreams into reality more fruitfully NOW. 

On these courses I weave together ancient wisdom from many traditions and a modern reality of new potentials available to us now as everything seems to move faster.

The majority of people accross our planet have been challenged one way or another over the last few years. This has been partly a process to clarify what is our priority and what is not. What really matters and what is simply distraction, untrue, outdated beliefs or fear based reaction. 

We are collectively being invited to come back to the heart and remember our divine wisdom, guidance and connection to all life everywhere within unity consciousness. It is once again time for our heart wisdom to direct our wonderful minds and not the other way around which has been the dominant orientation for 1000's of years. Living within the limitations of the brain/ego mind at this time on earth of immense change is simply not practical anymore, as it can create a reality of confusion, fear, blame, victimhood, separation & depression. Our wonderful minds are amazing, however it is important that we reorientate to them from the heart, which has access to a much larger databank of understanding, wisdom and divine intelligence as a guiding force. Our higher self. 

We are in most interesting, facinating and challenging times. It has been said "we are in the best of times, the worst of times and hence the most of times".

These retreats will support your journey of integrating heart and mind to work together in unity and fruitful collaboration. To create & BE that which your heart desires most to experience, regardless of the circumstances happening around you.

My intention is to be adaptable in my approach and provide the best and most fulfilling & fun retreat experience for you, so that you can cultivate your own unique wisdom. I expect it will be mostly your heart that will guide you to take this retreat. I honour your courage to trust your heart's guidance by taking this course and allowing me to share what I know through many years of training, life experiences, intuition and ongoing study and divine guidance. 

Life is supposed to be joyful, easy & abundant. We are supposed to live healthy and vibrant lifes while feeling divinely supported and guided. If one is unwell or out of balance then that is simply life's signal that one may require a change of focus and priorities. One of our biggest challenges is to self-care as we as a human race, especially in Western countries, have become so good at taking care of everyone else and leaving ourself on the shelf for last or just forgotten. 

This is your opportunity to take time out for you. To recharge your batteries and uplift your spirit, mind & body. This way you will support yourself and return home with more energy, enthusiam and practical insights for those around you. 

I look forward to meeting you soon and sharing 3 magical uplifting & relaxing days with you in Hanmer Springs that will be with you long after you leave.

Mary Jo Halligan

Yoga Instructor 10+yrs, Massage Therapist & Trainer, Wellness Coach

An Intuitive Healer and Visionary Life Coach 

New energy teacher


Magica our meeter & greeter joyfull Dog Therapist


Tel: 03 3157429 / 021 2802447

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