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Public Classes of Yoga are held each MONDAY 5.30pm-7pm

Location: Vibrant Living Retreat in Hanmer Springs. 

Please call or text Mary jo 0212802447 if you would like to book this class. Spaces are limited.

Mats are provided or you are welcome to bring your own. 

Yoga Classes style is a fusion of Hatha, Sivanada, Vinyasa Slow Flow, Restorative, Yin & Meditation. 

Mary Jo is a 500hr ATTC trained yoga teacher with over 15 years experience. She is a wellness expert and passionate about health and well being in body mind and spirit.

Here classes support optimal health and healing through breathing techniques, the art of relaxation while strengthening and stretching the body. 

Mary jo's classes suit both beginners and more practiced as she starts with the foundation of breath and builds up the postures gradually. 

Students leave Mary jo's class feeling more relaxed, calm, peaceful, centered, confident, connected and empowered. 

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* Why do Yoga?

*  3 hour Yoga Workshop Session 

* Finding the right Yoga Style for You

* The benefits of developing a practice of Yoga for Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit

* Private YOGA Therapy Sessions

 * Team Building ~ Personnel Development

*  Yoga Wellness Retreats   ~ click here

3 day Yoga Wellness Retreat Package, held regularty at our retreat location in Hanmer Springs 2015

INCLUSIVE PACKAGE: Retreats includes all this and much more;  Yoga for You, Meditation, Personal development session, Life Creation Sessions, Coaching, Vegetarian food


A wonderful Pampering holistic massage perfect for your body type ~ preferences and last but not least a hot pool pass to soak away any remaining stresses or concerns while integrating the transformative and self- nurturing  experiences of the day . Expect to leave light hearted, clear minded, relaxed, uplifted and inspired to create and live the life of your dreams. All for a special all inclusive price of only $699 enquiry here

Accommodation is additional to this package price. Please enquiry. +64 03 3157429

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Exploring Yoga for U !

So why do Yoga?

Yoga is a holistic all body harmonizing practice for Mind, Body & Spirit. It has so many benefits I simple can't mention them all here. 

Check out this great article on Yoga Lunch Box webpage if you are interested to know "Will Yoga give me a great body?"

There is a lot of different styles of Yoga with slightly different focuses and it can be a challenge to discover the right yoga class and teaching style that best suits your required needs, interest & ability. As you change so too does your Yoga Practice. 

Here is a charming Youtube video that was created by a yoga student and entered into a competition that was titled TRANSFORMATION THROUGH YOGA . It gives a beautiful picture of the transfromative value, beauty and power of yoga when integrated into life. 


" Yoga is 95% practice and 5% theory so why wait any longer "

 Yoga for U

3 hr Yoga Wellness Workshop ( $90 )

Perpare to be transformed by the dynamic empowerment of YOGA WELLNESS

YOGA FOR U : ) workshops alternative Saturdays, Wednesday and Sundays.
Sat 7.30am - 10.30am  
 Wed - 10am - 1pm
Sun - 3pm - 6pm
These classes are a fusion of foundational Yoga Practices and a workshop style to deepen both the understanding and experience of the core principles and natural benefit of yoga. 
Perfect for beginners & more practiced in yoga  : )
This workshop session is a mix of Yoga Styles, Breathing Techniques, Relaxation, Discussion, Personal Development & Guided Meditations.
A holistic Body, Mind & Soul practice to release stress and tension, to balance, harmonize, unwind and feel centered again. At the same time your building strength, tone, flexibility, co-ordination, focus, clarity, confidence, self-esteem, relaxation, healing, vitality and a positive mind set : )
 Discover the 'joy in yoga' with mindfull movement and greater ease with deep stretching / releasing for total well-being. 
For those of you wondering if you are too inflexible to do yoga ( a very common thought)..the very opposite is true. Yoga is what you really need to be doing to re-train your body to become more flexible. Not many people walk into there first yoga class flexible, I know I certainty did not. Those who do, usually there weakness is over flexibility and they have to learn to build balanced muscle strength. 
Yoga supports all over better health & wellness. More & more sports people are practicing yoga to attain the enhanced beneifit in their performance and breathing. Yoga is for everyone and Yoga For U is designed for the students not the teacher. These classes take the individual and group dynamics into consideration to instruct the most useful, accessible and inspirational class that will turn your YOGA enthusiam on full trottle...! 
wild thing
To book Call Mj 3157429   Text : 0212802447
Fully qualified YOGA INSTRUCTOR 10+yrs.
Limited spaces, bookings essential.
Mats, props & blankets provided.
Just bring a smile, a open heart, curious mind & a water bottle : ) 

To book or enquire about yoga sessions

Text or call    021 2802447    or   03 3157429

    or enquiry HERE

Your Instructor MARY JO 

These Yoga Session / Workshops will share the essence, the joy and magic of yoga health and well-being. My intention is you will leave feeling more confident and decisive about wanting to include more yoga practice in your life. Desire comes first, action comes second. Without a real desire to include yoga into your life beyond a nice concept or someones elses good opinion, it will simply not happen or not happen fruitfully and easily. Allow me to inspire you to get excited about including high on your values list, a highly beneificial yoga practice to your life style activities. 

More about YOGA

Yoga has a history spanning 5000 years and there is a reason it continues to evole. The answer is simply, it works to keep us ( the human body~mind~emotion~spirit ) in harmonius balance; centered, peaceful, calm, clear minded, confident, happy, connected with a loving heart that honors life and our own miraculous bodies and powerul minds. 

In the west we greatly value YOGA"S immense support at keeping our bodies strong, flexible, fit and youthful and so we should. All these things enhance's the quality of our life. However there is so much more to yoga than the physical effects, there is the mental discipline; the emotional stability and the spiritual inclusiveness and inter-connectness with all life which offers immense support and guidance along our life paths and life adventures.

Yoga is a holistic program that also supports us to let go of our past experience held in our bodies cellular memory. Yoga practice helps to calm the mind and stop the tendency of it to run ahead  grasping and worrying about future events or past regrets / unforgiveness. Yoga supports us to stand firmly in this present moment, where life is really taking place in all its truth, beauty, abundance, intensity, power, contrasts and wonder. 

These YOGA CLASS / WORKSHOPS intend to fuse yoga practice and theory gracefully together for deeper embodied relevance, revelations and fulfilling wisdom. Each class is intuitive lead for maximum benefits to all attending. 

Investment in U: $90 for this 3hour Transformational Yoga Wellness Workshop . 

Here are some YOUTUBE testimonials. This couple were complete beginners click here   

A more practiced YOGINI click here           2 First Timers to Yoga Click Here

Getting to know your YOGA Instructor

Hello, my name is Mary Jo Halligan. I'm orginally from Ireland and I have 10+years of Yoga experience. I started yoga in my early 20's with little or no body awareness and very little self-confidence. Yoga has helped change all that, it has been one of the most consistent practices that I continue to integrate into my life simple because it works and makes me feel vibrant, confident, healthy, clear thinking, intuitive and tuned in, tapped in to the joyous flow of life. I rarely get any kind of sickness and if I do I usually know my body well enough to give it what its needs without having to go to a doctor..e.g. rest, vitimans etc Yoga helps me feel connected and supported by my body and life. It helps me feel empowered, centered and relaxed. Because of this I am passionate to share the gifts of practicing yoga with you.  I am a fully registered Teacher with A well renowned registration body for fully qualified yoga teachers and yoga teacher training schools world wide. It is located in the U.S. and globally recognised.

I took my Yoga Teacher Trainings in India, the traditional birth home of yoga in 2004 & 2006. I have trained in various yoga styles over the years and I continue to be a eager student. I have learned time and again that there is many different ways to practice yoga and approaches to yoga. The various Yoga Styles that infleunce my teaching Style to different degrees: Bikram (hot yoga), Ashtanga, Sivananda, Hatha, Anusara, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Restorative, Pregnancy.  

My main intention is to support you with the right YOGA style or integration of styles to suit you and those in class to enable the most beneficial experience for all in attendance.  Yoga is a holistic program for well-being amd balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga is not a dogma and is not connected to any religions. It is connected to universal laws, wisdom, sciences and the unique personnal experience of practitionars. 

I have also practiced in many meditational styles over the years which I integrate into these classes in an accessible, practical, nurturing & relaxing way.

My passion is true self-empowerment and self-care that supports optimum health, harmony, balance and well-being. Feeling great and looking vibrant is a wonderful bi-product of regular Yoga practice. I enjoy making these classes very practical, accessible, lighthearted and a joy to participate in.

The essense of yoga takes us back to simplicity.

The syncronised deep breathing & movement is what makes yoga..'YOGA'.

Yoga is a pathway to unveil the authentic self and discover its true mastery.

Finding the right YOGA style for YOU?

I advise people that Yoga is about feeling good by the end of the session and this can be a good gauge to know if the Yoga Style is really for you. For example some Yoga classes can focus more on the physical aspect or the meditational aspects. Some can seem too fast and confusing while others can seem too slow and boarding. Oh and you don't need to be flexible to join a yoga class or need to shape yourself into a pretzel! : )  However yoga will definitely support your body creating more flexibility and maybe one day down the line you might decide to do something you never though possible and amaze yourself. 


What are the benefits of YOGA? 


Physical: Yoga supports a fit, flexible and healthy body. It does this by releasing tension in tight muscle, introducing longer toned muscles. It encourages the increase in Mobility and strengthens the joints, muscles and bones. It improves circulation of the blood & lymph to and from all the cells thus making sure they get the oxygen and nutrition they required for the whole body/mind to feel energized and vibrant. Yoga also massage the internal organs to support optimal functioning & health. It supports the bodies release of toxic build up and is body cleansing. People who practice yoga regularly usually have a vibrant glow & youthful appearance. 


Mentally: Yoga relaxes the mental chatter and introduces a calm, alert and clear mind. It supports the brain getting more oxygen. Increases mental focus, confidence and clarity with decision making. Yoga support stress free living or at the very least can reduce stress symptoms. 


Spiritual: Yoga supports a deep connection to your inner self (heart connected) for guidance so that you can be your own best supportive loving friend. It does this by helping you be more fully present in the moment so you can hear this quieter inner voice of your true self...centered within self....(not self-centered, there is  big difference). When faced with important decisions or new challenges this is an invaluable tool to have access to and develop a a trusting relationship with. You will never need to feel overwhelm, confusion or fear again with this gift & knowledge of knowing thy self on the deepest level of understanding. Life becomes in essence joyful creation. 


 “Unleash the mysteries & power within”

 meditation pose


Note:   taking one class of yoga a week is good for general maintence & destress,

Taking 2 classes a week is perfect for progessive and tangible all over improvement and physical transformation.

Taking 3 or more classes a week will have you taking your own Yoga Teacher training course in no time at all. 

Even adopting a 15-20min practice every other day is better than no practice and you will feel dynamic benefits. 

Private Yoga Therapy Session  

Private Yoga session just for you! It is designed after a brief discussion for your level of experience, ability and health history. This session will build your yoga confidence introducing you to the foundational understanding of the essence and practices of yoga that make yoga accessible to everyone, no matter your health level. It will also increase your awareness of what type of Yoga Style is best suited to your bodies ~ mind alignment and balancing needs. You will feel extra confident attending any other yoga class as you will understand the foundations of your YOGA practice & body alignment. Depending on your health history it is important to note that there is certain yoga poses that it is highly recommended not to do and others to do. This session will cover all of this for you. 


1-2 people Maximum

1 Hour $90     90min $120 

PACKAGE: One hour Yoga Session followed by a one hour Massage 

$185 pp  or $165 x 2 people


Small Group Sessions 

Minimum 3 & Maximum 8

1hr or 2 hr $25 - 35 pp




Group session are great for team building and can be extended or mixed with other invaluable personnel development tools and training that we offer that are fun while building confidence, communication and powerful relationships. 

Check out our Yoga Wellness Retreat & Personnel Development Topics to inspire ideas for potential packages to suit your specific interest and benefits of the group. click We work in partnership with other businesses in Hanmer to bring about facilities larger groups for team building. has great accommodation, food & conference / workshop space   


Tel: 03 3157429 or 0212802447

Larger Group Session 

Minimum 10 - Max 20  

1.5 Hour $135 - 195 & Venue HIre



1, 2 & 3 day  YOGA Wellness Retreat